Wednesday, October 23, 2013

✪ [BF4 Wallpaper] The Crash - HD Background ✪

This is a pretty nice Battlefield 4 HD wallpaper, it's footage from a helicopter crash showing two soldiers, with one trapped under some reinforced concrete debries.

BF4 The Crash Helicopter Soldiers Battle Fire Burn Background Wallpaper 1500x844
BF4 The Crash Background Wallpaper 1500x844
The realism in the game is very high, and you can clearly see that in this BF4 HD background. It also show us the fact that concrete walls can be destroyed in the game. I know some of you who played the open beta Battlefield 4 had some problems with the graphics, and that you found the game to play better on Windows 8 instead of Window 7. It would mean that BF4 is more optimized for Win 8 users.

But I think that since I played on Windows 7 and didn't have any real problems (except the occasional crash) We can conclude that those graphics problems have now been solved by Dice and updated graphics card drivers.

Head over to the big Battlefield 4 graphics card FPS test post to see what graphics cards performed best when playing Battlefield 4 on Ultra and Medium settings with different monitors:

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