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✪ Crysis 3 Vs Battlefield 4 Gameplay Graphics ✪

This is a comparison between graphics in gameplay with CryEngine 3 used in the Crysis 3 game and Frostbite 3 used in upcoming Battlefield 4 game. The pictures display real actual gameplay graphics. Not to be confused with HD wallpapers made in photoshop or concept design by concept artists.

First up is the absolutely stunning graphics found in Crysis 3, where we see Prophet (guy in nanosuit) talking to his friend Psycho. This is in the beginning stages of the gameplay where Prophet is about to head out into the Jungle of New York City. And in this scene we really get to see some awesome graphics.

Crysis 3 CryEngine 3 Gameplay vs Frostbite 3 Psycho Prophet Graphics
Crysis 3 CryEngine 3 Gameplay Psycho and Prophet - Enter The Jungle Mission

The following is from Battlefield 4, the first mission in the campaign and the players are now stuck in a car that is sinking into the sea with the entire team stuck inside.

When I first made this post Battlefield 4 had not yet been released and the only gameplay you could do was playing the Open Beta Battlefield 4 on Multiplayer mode. So that seemed like a more stripped down version of the game because a lot of people where led to believe that there was going to be made more improvements to the game before the final release.

But from the looks of it now, both Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 seems to be pretty even graphics wise.

Battlefield 4 Frostbite 3 vs CryEngine 3 Crysis Gameplay Graphics
Battlefield 4 Frostbite 3 Gameplay Angry Sea Mission

Although I must say that for me I'm under the impression that Crysis 3 is a bit more heavy game to run. But that could be my imagination I haven't really checked CPU Load and so on. These are the battlefield 4 requirements pc. I did experience some odd sound bug playing the first mission of Battlefield 4 and also later in the game however. It was like someone would start spraying a large machine gun nonstop, and it kept going until the team moved on to the next firefight. The sound is so loud it ruins all team talk and other events in the game when it happens.

One major thing I noticed was the ingame videos in Battlefield 4 have not nearly as high resolution as they are on Crysis 3. The game video you see after you complete your first assignment in Battlefield 4 looks like a 360p youtube video. But then later in the game the videos seem to be somewhat ok resolution  again. Not sure how that happened? Did they cut down on videos size just to make it all fit on the DVDs.. I don't really know.. The gameplay graphics however are much better so that's the one thing that really matters in the end.

Some people say that the graphics of Battlefield 4 looks more realistic than Crysis 3. And that might well be the case because on Crysis 3 they have certainly tried to take gameplay graphics to the next level, and in a way it makes things look unbelievable and almost to good to be true. It looks "flashy". While Battlefield 4 looks more down to earth. Which one looks better in your eyes is for you to decide and it simply comes down to ones taste.

Both Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4 playing campaign's on Ultra settings for me seems to give me the same temps on the CPU and GPU. Around 60c on average and a bit higher on the graphics card. But the card is the aircooled Nvidia GTX690 and the i7-3930K CPU is currently on a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme running a moderate 19% overclock over stock. However overclocking is hardly nessesary, I don't notice any difference running stock speeds.

But it's clear that computer graphics are moving very fast to realism even in gameplay, the only thing I think that is going to hold back game developers in the future are consoles and forced energy saving hardware on consumer PC's. If they are forced to reduce quality of games to be able to run on slow outdated hardware in consoles or energy saving electronics that is the one thing that is going to hurt us that use the PC for gaming. For me the PC is the ultimate gaming station that enables game developers to push what is possible to the next level and bring us awesome computer generated realism, and I think and hope that it is going to stay that way for a long time.

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