✪ Battlefield - Hacker Report ✪

Your help in reporting hacks and cheaters are very important, please do not hesitate to comment and keep game admins updated. Most of us have a day job and we can not monitor servers at all times, that is why your help is very appreciated.

These are some of the most common hacks being used today. Sometimes the hackers use the [AA] tag in the name. AA stands for "Artificial Aiming". Other tags are also common.

Help report battlefield 4 hackers
Battlefield 4 Hacker
Hacks include:

Vehicle and Player Aimbot
3D and 2D Radar
Warning System

There are also now cheaters that use wallhacks (seen in picture) but also Teleport and Spawn cheats and the ability to make the player "fly". (Basically they just jump 10 times and they are on the roof of a building)

You can read more about AA hackers and what they use in this recent blog post

✪ BF4 Open Beta AA Hackers ✪

Do you have a hacker to report?

Then please comment below.

Try and include:

What the hackers name / tag was.
What was the hackers IP (if you know).
From what country was hacker.
Time of day. (Be sure to add timezone)
What server you where playing on. 
Was this the first time you spotted the hacker.
What hack do you suspect they where using.
Did they use a special spot on the map.
Any vehicles, choppers or jets used.
Gameplay, recon, assault, support, engineer..

Including anything else of importance is also very helpful and can help game admins prevent these hackers from coming back. Videos and screenshoots are also welcome.

How to report a player on their battlelog profile is shown here. First make sure you find the right player with his name in the game. When you know for sure it's the cheater, find the little triangle and then "Report Possible Cheat". This makes FairFight review the player and do a ban if you also provide enough evidence. And again try and include as much as possible in the report.

How to Report Cheaters on Battlefield 4 Profile
How to Report Cheaters on Battlefield 4 Profile


  1. Please do something about forsakenblox his hacking is out of control and he makes videos about it

  2. Thanks for the input.

    This is the battlelog for [AMG] Uech seen playing in the video.
    Origin ID: Uech http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/Uech/stats/946043664/pc/

    And here is [XX] ForsakenBlox http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/ForsakenBlox/stats/930960109/pc/

    LOFR Battlefield-Community that run LOFR Servers www.facebook.com/BattlefieldLOFR?ref=stream

    LOFR Founders are Synarchy-FR33K and ForsakenBlox

  3. Please do something about " n00bjob ". He knows where you are every time he comes around a corner or even jumps down from a height and whirls and shoots before you can blink, and as soon as you respawn he's shows up right next to you. His scores are at minimum 2 to 4 times his deaths. He starts shooting before you even round a turn or a corner.

  4. How about checking out " sssbbbmmm ". Seems to be Russian by his texting. I believe he's running aim bots and map hacks. Kill/death ratio is way out of line.

  5. Thank you for the info, both players are under investigation. Looking at the stats of the players it seems that sssbbbmmm have a very high 1.60 k/d ratio even from the start. And an above normal accuracy on some weapons. However looking back in the stats of both players, they seem to have had a very normal progression and ranks from the beginning. Videos or pictures are helpfull if possible,

    n00bjob http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/n00bjob/stats/353512258/pc/

    sssbbbmmm http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/sssbbbmmm/stats/183200602/pc/

  6. 4kirr is a hacker watchout for him aimbot 4.85 k/d also jump hack or teleport

  7. Khoob16 is on youtube wall hacking on locker getting 800 kills in one round despite reporting him a number of times he profile is still active also turricanm3 even show himself hacking on youtube and has the video link on his bf4 profile just played a round of locker against him and he has a stupid kd with an 870 shotgun

  8. He is the video link for khoob16 he actually got 822 kills in one round of locker and has a kd of 37

  9. Turricanm3 has as his profile presentation this
    100% Hack:


    hes constantly getting 200 kills 150 kills in a round with a kd of 5.7 although hes played for a really long time he seems to know exactly where you are and appears from no where average score per minute of 1500

  10. Thank you for the report!

    Here are the players in question, although I have to say that it looks like KHOOB16 already has had his stats / profile cut by FairFight but still not banned..

    KHOOB16 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/KHOOB16/stats/1118058639/pc/

    4kirr have a way above normal accuracy at least for snipers if looking at the weapon stats, the LMG is a bit more normal at the moment with 14.4% accuracy so it's hard to tell just from the stats..

    4kirr http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/4kirr/stats/1540775147/pc/

    And TurricanM3 do seem to have a high accuracy with his weapons but again looking at the LMG it's also around 14% accuracy so really not that above normal.

    [3DC] TurricanM3 http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/TurricanM3/stats/328448449/pc/

    But there is no question about KHOOB16 being a cheater here, the video and his stats clearly shows that.

  11. this guy is a hacker

  12. please look at aragonsystem he was using a wall hack on locker pistol only everyone saw him and votekicked him

  13. please can you look at this guy Shinku5_1

  14. please look at this guy his KD is 80.4 saw him hacking on locker
    his name is NICK_MENDOZA

  15. Hello and thank you for the report!

    Unfortunately I was not able to find a player named aragonsystem so I can't do much about that.

    The other players Silenxor-V-_dn and Shinku5_1 both have very high K/D ratios.

    Looking at the stats for Silenxor-V-_dn we can see that he's got a very high 3.67 K/D ratio. And what's even more unbelievable is that since he started playing BF4 a year ago now on 2014-04-12 that K/D ratio have never dropped below 3.0. And infact when he first started out playing his K/D ratio was even higher than it is now at 4.0. Also it took him only a little over a month after he started playing to rank 100..

    Now looking at his weapon stats we can see that his accuracy is not that much above normal. His most used weapon the ACW-R have an accuracy of 18.12% and that is high, but no that high to definitely say he's a cheater.


    Shinku5_1 on the other hand have a ridiculous high K/D ratio of 6.45 at the moment. But looking back it's more like 4.81 K/D. But it's still very high. He started playing with a more normal K/D ratio around 0.56 up until when he ranked 25. At that point his K/D started to go up even more and have continued to go up ever since.

    What is interesting to note is the stats of his favorite weapon the AEK-971 have an accuracy of 18.49% and again it's not that much above normal but compare it to Silenxor-V-_dn and Shinku5_1 have almost the same accuracy.


    Also Shinku5_1 have another account name under Shinku5- and at this very moment his K/D ratio is ridiculously high at 2518


    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNgkt6TRPVE
      That video is of this shinku hacking

    2. Thanks for the video find. The player in the video [Hack] Shinku5_1_hack have been banned and most variations of the player name Shinku5_1 have also been banned by now.

  16. I'm sure someone has looked into this but Shinku5_1 is topped ranked in the world. His 150 kills are very questionable with 131 headshots.... please help. I did report him.

  17. please look at SamuelEricksson uses aimbot on locker check the battle report

  18. X-ImWizz-X ps4 Old Squad server (I reported to them ) 9pm

  19. please look at this player almost positive he was using an aimbot on locker he was owning everyone and was only hip firing http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/K3tt3nK4ll3/stats/351055561/pc/

  20. Player: ImBadIPromise

    hack: unknowncheats.me

    Server: xTcR.net | 24/7 Conquest | Dallas | Noobs Welcome!
    ---> IP:

    Time of day: 12 am eastern std

    weapon: mg4

  21. please look at this player another wall hack on locker

  22. please look at jacn1989 check this report

  23. please look at JasonPve he is a hacker the link is

  24. Pls look at KRAKAZYABBLY. I played a game with him, he auto headshot EVERY time. He even got a 9 KD on his soldier profile... Aimbot, possibly wallhack. But I´m 100% he´s hacking. Everyone on the game also commented on it.

  25. xxx-MADD0G-xxx
    admin on server has been fairfight banned with x-MADD0G-x
    72.6% accuracy
    Australian clan The Freedom fighters
    Whole clan hackers

  26. BattlefieldGER, uses aimbot or headshot kills instantly. Please do ban him, we use bf4 for fun, not to ruin our day

  27. BattlefieldGER, uses aimbot or headshot kills instantly. Please do ban him, we use bf4 for fun, not to ruin our day

  28. Hey I don't know if you would but can you please do something about Snake96Eater he is clearly aimbotting he had iron sights on a mg4 I think and he was sniping people effortlessly across the map with one bullet for each kill and everyone in the server saw that he was hacking and we tree to vote kick him but it never went through and the hacker just trash talks us the whole time and we were all pissed, he had the nerve to say we should just play better even though he's aimbotting

  29. If I could I would ask EA for a full refund, after playing I found out how hacked and full of cheats BF4 is. I reported one player and got his account banned only for the player to buy More CD keys. Now I can't play the game without him joining the server and harassing me Here is Proof and EA refuses to do Shit.