Friday, October 25, 2013

✪ Why You CANT POST or Reply on Battlelog Forum ✪

I know why, do you also have a strange problem with not being able to reply and post on Battlelog forum for no apparent reason? Have you repeatedly signed in and logged out to only find that clicking on the reply button does not do a thing..?

You can't post or reply
Why can't I post on or reply on Battlelog forum?

Well I can now inform you guys that have had issues that Battlelog forum will not work unless you have bought either Warfighter or Battlefield 3. And most likely soon Battlefield 4.

If you go down the page on Battlelog forum you will probably now read the following message.

"To contribute to our forums and news posts, you'll need to buy Medal of Honor: Warfighter or Battlefield 3."


This message was not seen before either, so a lot of people going as far back as late 2012 was wondering why on earth they could not reply or post on the forums.

This is too bad, because a lot of people already have an account on Origin and was hoping to join the discussion on battlelog forum before they buy the new game.

Well not much you can do I guess.. The good new is you are not banned, your account is still active and so on, but the bad news is you now need to fork out with some more money to get on the forum..

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  1. What the FUCK are they thinking? Two specific games that are irrelevant to a lot of people? Smart.