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Battlefield 4 Premium

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Battlefield 4 Premium membership includes:
Battlefield 4 Premium [Online Game Code]
Battlefield 4 Premium [Online Game Code]
  • Five digital expansion packs featuring new multiplayer maps and in-game content
  • Two-weeks early access to all expansion packs for that competitive edge
  • Exclusive personalization options including camos, paints, emblems, dogtags and more
  • Priority position in server queues
  • New weekly content and challenges:
  • 12 Battlepacks - one per month for 12 months

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
Processor: AMD ATHLON X2 2.8 GHZ / INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ
Hard Disk: 30 GB

Recommended Requirements:
Supported OS: WINDOWS 8 64-BIT
Hard Disk: 30 GB

Origin account required for game activation and installation

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1.0 out of 5 starsGreat game, but EA/DICE needs to get it together., April 12, 2014
By Bill Clark
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Battlefield 4 + Battlefield 4 Premium [Online Game Code] (Software Download)
Bugs. What can I say other than "bugs". EA/DICE can't seem to keep the game running well with online multiplayer. Too many bugs and crashes to desktop out of the gate make this one of the worst game launches yet.

Gameplay is great when it works, until DICE updates the browser plugins and kills sound again.

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1.0 out of 5 stars  THE worst $110 I have spent in my almost 60 years!  December 2, 2013

By ArgosDex
Verified Purchase
A theft, a lie, an absolute fraud... EA and Dice better enjoy the $110 I spent on this dud of a game because it is THE LAST money I will EVER give to either of these companies as long as I live.

I've been playing these games since the early 90's, Quake, Duke Nuke 'em, Hexen, Doom, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor (when they were still WWII games), you name it, I've played pretty much all of them and this on is THE worst of them all, specially considering the price.

The single player campaign is unbelievably moronic, with this utterly infantile dialog, lots of posturing and personal conflicts between the characters, who by the way, more often than not get in the way of the mission, and even though pretty much nobody buys this kind of game for the single player, they could have put a little more effort into it.

The real disappointment is the multiplayer. There is a problem with the server software and the servers crash, so you go play for an hour and then all of a sudden you're back to Windows and whatever points, rank, perks, etc., that you earned in the last hour are gone. "Battlefield 4 has stopped responding and needs to close" messages are also frequent enough to make the experience frustrating.

I skipped Battlefield 3 so I don't know how it worked, however this version does not use it's own interface but rather works through your browser to browse for a server, get your stats, select your loadout, ect. I found this frustrating and counter intuitive and lazy on EA's part as Battlefield depends on another piece of software developed by another company to control the game.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Full of crashes and bugs November 19, 2013
By Rodrigo Dominguez
Verified Purchase
Battlefield is a great game, I've been playing Battlefield since Battlefield 2.

I bought BF4 for the PS3, but it was limited to 24 players, so I bought it for the PC because I didn't wanted to wait for the PS4 (either way, I'm such a fan of BF that I always buy the pc and ps versions, but I usually wait a little for the price to drop before getting the PC version).

I was pretty ansious to play BF4 on the PC with 64 players, but so far it has been a terrible experience, the game crashes at least once an hour, and the net bug due to other users with different ping is horrible, they kill you when you are on cover, there are a lot of times when both the other player and you kill each other when it shouldn't be like that, and the patches that they are releasing are not fixing anything. Servers with 64 players are unplayable.

That's the reason I'm giving 2 stars, its a great game, but it was released on a beta status, the game was not ready to be released.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great buy, if you are patient November 28, 2013
By Minchkin
Right now, this is a great deal. You are essentially buying the game for $30 and the Premium add-on. But before you click the Buy and Download button, I want to make a few things clear.

This game is graphically fantastic, and while the story itself isn't immersive, it does show what the Frostbite 3 engine can really do. The sounds are amazing and have done a top-noch job of making me feel in the game and part of the experience. There are a ton of new gameplay features that really add on to the Battlefield experience and Levolution is a great way to change the way the map plays. There are more attachments, more customization, and more time playing for something to earn.

And there are bugs. Lots of them.

Right now, there is an issue with hit detection. They tout it as "Client-side" hit detection, but for some reason, I can empty an entire magazine of 21 rounds on a player and have about 4 hit markers. This is while they are standing still too. Dying behind cover still exists and there were even times when I died running through a cut open fence. No explanation why.

So my verdict stands as this: If you want to have it for later this month, or after New Years, this is a great buy. DICE is working on these fixes, and if you look at the history of Battlefield 3, you will see that issues existed in that game as well. So give it time. It will improve.
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2.0 out of 5 stars BF4 is bad January 29, 2014
By Frodo55
The game is now playable, still full of bugs, but at least you can play. There is fun to be had in the game, but campaign is short, mediocre, with lots of needless swearing, and multiplayer is very frustrating with maps either too large or too small depending on game type, teams almost always unbalanced, with terrible hit detection and overall bad Netcode resulting in things happening on the screen that do not make sense. You could be shooting at a guy's chest with a machine gun for 5 sec and he will one-shot you with a pistol from 50 yards. What you see on your screen and what he/she sees will not be the same. Graphics are not that impressive, looks similar to BF3 and worse than COD Ghosts.

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1.0 out of 5 stars Do not purchase through amazon!!!!!!!!!! January 10, 2014
By Jason Williams
Verified Purchase
Do not purchase through amazon If you end up having a problem with this game as i did and decide you want a refund Origin will have no record of the purchase and you will be stuck as i am now If you are going to purchase do it through origin then you can at least get a refund if needed