Sunday, February 22, 2015

✪ BF4 Cheater FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS Caught ✪

Hi folks,

Caught a cheater on the server #2 24/7 Conquest KoF2 Adrenaline Extra recently on Operation Locker. This guy FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS ended the round with a K/D ratio of 208-5 and pretty much pushed back the whole team on a 64 player server to the starting base. He must have been using all the cheats in the book.

Player FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS BF4 Aimbot Cheater Caught Stats
Player FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS BF4 Aimbot Cheater Stats
Checking the stats he was Rank 4 then and now only minutes later when I'm writing this post he's jumped up to Rank 8.

He's on a K/D of 45.25 at the moment.. SPM 4,501 and KPM 12,59 and a skill of a mere 176 points.

You can check out the recent stats for this cheater on his battlelog

I'm sure he's got to be Rank 50 by the time you check the link if he manage to get away with the cheating.

Anyhow I got the scoreboard from the round. And like I said 208 kills with 5 deaths.. He pretty much took a rpg in the face from me and just kept jumping along like nothing happened... I stopped playing after that. No point in feeding the psychopath mind.

Player FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS BF4 Aimbot Cheater Caught
Player FAIR_FIGHT_BLOWS BF4 Aimbot Cheater Caught

Monday, February 9, 2015

✪ BF4 Gets Game Server Update on Tuesday Feb 10 ✪

Hi everyone!

Dice have reported that they will deploy a new game server update on Tuesday Feb 10 1AM PDT / 09.00 UTC.
Dice BF4 Logo
Dice BF4 Logo

This maintenance is estimated to last approximately 1 hour and multiplayer may be restricted during this time period.

So it's still too early to say how this new server patch works for everyone. But lets all hope that Dice actually manage to fix something this time around.