Thursday, July 7, 2016

✪ [BF1 Wallpaper] Are You Joining The Battlefield Nerftrain?

With the Battlefield 1 Pre-Alpha now available to some lucky gamers to play for free and test it out, it does seems like most of the reviews from gamers on how Dice and EA have set up the new battlefield 1 game are fairly positive.

But we all remember how the launch of the previous Battlefield games have been and if it wasn't netcode issues that rubbed people the wrong way, it was the constant nerfs that got people the most upset.

So are you joining the Battlefield Nerftrain this time around too? Nerfwagon anyone? Come on, you know you WINEt too! BF1 nerfs are guarantied just like bf4 was nerfed really hard.

Battlefield Nerftrain or perhaps should it be Battelfield Nerfwagon?
Battlefield Nerftrain or perhaps should it be Battelfield Nerfwagon?

Well whatever you want to call it, Battlefield Nerftrain or Battlefield Nerfwagon I'm sure that the kids playing this adult fps this time around are all going to have their way again. On the forums there are going to be thousands of threads with different kinds of wines and probably tens of thousands of "Dice Please", "F*ck you Dice", "this weapon is OP" comments. I'm sure that BF1 is going to see nerfs for the tanks and probably the bolt action rifels are going to be nerfed so hard that eveyone is going to be running around with the SMG's jumping around in cod style by the end of the year.

Because I'm sure that the briliant minds at Dice and EA really, really care about their new 12 year old "community" that they have created from previous Battlefield games and we can't have all these unhappy children running around playing an PG18 action game now can we! Their innocent minds and feelings needs to be protected and the only way to accomplish this is by turning the f*cking game into a childrens "paintball game".

The current paintball game Dice created was Battlefront and it died quick, it didn't last long at all and the game mechanics where exactly what the brilliant minds from Dice and EA had expected the community wanted. Well guess what, I'm sure the children had a couple of hours of fun playing battlefront before they all got bored and quit playing. Run and gun, that must be fun for like 5 min, check that 2 min..

Anyway you want an honest review of Battlefield 1? I'm not done with all the faults of the previous battlefield paintball games yet.. Maybe it's because they keep getting nerfed!