Tuesday, August 4, 2015

✪ BF4 Origin Stuck at Logging In - White Window ✪

You may have noticed that Origin is having problems with BF4 at the moment.

Issues include:
Dice Please
Dice Please!
  1. BF4.exe showing only a white window
  2. Battlelog stuck at "logging in"
  3. Battlelog Multiplayer servers missing
  4. Favorite servers missing
  5. Recent played servers missing
  6. You can't play Campaign or Test Range
  7. The servers you played on crashed during gameplay
The reason behind all these problems is because Blaze is having network problems. And in return causing problems for Dice / EA and Origin to run Battlefield 4 servers and their services.

Blaze (the authentication and stats back-end for this game) seems to be having problems right now and this is causing most servers to frequently crash. This started at about 4:55pm PDT. We have notified EA/DICE of the problem and we hope that they fix it soon. 

It's bad enough that all the multiplayer servers are down across the world, but not even allowing people to play the Campaign because Blaze is having problems! DICE PLEASE!