Saturday, November 2, 2013

✪ Can Artificial Aiming Be Stopped In BF4? ✪

Battlefield 4 is at its knees. AA have made hacks before this game was even launched and now the game is full of hackers.

How Artificial Aiming Works in Battlefield 4 Hackers AA
How Artificial Aiming Works in Battlefield 4
Even though it's not impossible for a very good player winning 35 - 3 or 4. It's highly unlikely to do it every single game.  EA don't seem to do anything about it, apart from those complete waist of time outdated anti cheat programs like PunkBuster. Who by the way can not stop AA.

Seeing cheaters playing the Open Beta came as a surprise because I was really hoping that Dice and EA would have dealt with the cheating situation after their failure to do anything about it with Battlefield 3.

Known Hacker iiBot_AA Using AA Cheats
iiBot_AA Rampage 50 to ZERO deaths Screenshot
But since AA came out with the Aimbots, Multihacks, NoRecoil, NoSpread, UberDamage, Triggerbot, 3D Radar.. You name it, all this was done and ongoing during the Open Beta Battlefield 4. It's such a shame..

Check out the Artificial Aiming here for a closer inspection ✪ BF4 Open Beta AA Hackers ✪

Below is a video of the end result with over 50 to ZERO deaths for player iiBot_AA.

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