Sunday, October 20, 2013

✪ BF4 Open Beta AA Hackers ✪

Did you think Battlefield would stay hack free? Did you think PunkBuster or Dice would prevent hackers from entering the game? Did you have a few WTF moments when you got taken out by an enemy playing the Battlefield 4 servers?
Artificial Aiming Hacker at work Open Beta1
Open Beta BF4 AA Hacker Jumping
If so I can tell you I too had a few moments when playing the beta of Battlefield 4 where I was very suspicious about players. It turns out that almost instantly when Dice released the beta, Artificial Aiming hacks and cheats where already up and running on dozens of players computers.

You can clearly see that these AA hackers can see you coming a mile away, even through walls. They know where and who you are and how much health you have.

10-02-2013, 09:55 AM


Artificial Aiming was the first ones to present a fully working BF4 Engine Multihack.


They have been sharing the BF4 hack with our their MasterPackage subscribers during the open beta.


Artificial Aiming Hacker at work Open Beta2
Open Beta BF4 AA Hacker Assault

Hack features include: 

Vehicle and Player Aimbot
3D and 2D Radar
Warning System

Artificial Aiming Hacker at work Open Beta 3
Open Beta BF4 AA Hacker Streets

But not only that, more feature are in development and will be added to the hack soon.

I was enjoying the open beta, I must say that even though some of the tanks and helicopters where in my opinion a bit weak against ground troops and soft targets the overall game was pretty nice. I even thought about pre ordering Battlefield 4. But what turns me off is that the hacking and cheating problem they have with this.

With Dice not doing enough to prevent hackers and cheaters from exploiting the game really is what for me decided that I wont pre order. I might get Battlefield 4 later but for now, I think it's best to hold off. (And since the release I only see server and game crashes that further puts me of from buying and overpriced game).. Sure if servers would run like they should then it would be an ok price.

Dice can try and make the game as even as possible with tweaking the weapons and vehicles but with them ignoring the hacks are like throwing all that work out the window.

When 1 or 2 hacks starts to dominate the game that really is unfair.

Busted DireRaptor22 BF4 Hacker Cheater 163 to 3 K/D
Busted DireRaptor22 Hacker Cheater 163 to 3 K/D

Watch this aimbot cheater get busted on video

✪ [VIDEO] Busted - BF4 Aimbot Cheater - DireRaptor22 ✪

IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning artificialaming AA Hacker 192 to 2 KD Ratio UberDamage
IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning artificialaming AA Hacker 192 to 2 KD Ratio UberDamage

 ✪ [IMAGE] BF4 Artificialaming UberDamage Cheater - IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning ✪

You would think that you can report hackers on battlelog forum and alert other players on there about the situation but their forum policy is not to do so. If you do talk about a cheater it's a "Thread closed, text removed. " that is waiting to happen.

Naming and Shaming
Naming and shaming those who you believe to be cheating is not permitted on the forum or Battlelog posts. It is not productive and does not expedite action taken against these players. Any references of this type will be removed. Instead, Report players directly for investigation.

Reporting potential cheaters
If you want to report a potential cheater, visit the user’s Battlelog profile, click the report "exclamation mark” symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill in the reason for reporting them. You can submit links to videos or Battle Reports with evidence supporting your suspicions of cheating. We investigate all reports and will take action if a player is found to be cheating. For more information on how we work to suppress cheating in Battlefield, head to this Battlelog News post: []

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