Sunday, October 20, 2013

✪ Japan BF4 Pre-Order Relese Date Changed ✪

If you are in Japan and had pre-ordered BF4 and Premium you are out of luck. You probably where exited and expecting to get to play Battlefield 4 on the official release date Oct 31, like the rest of us.

Dice have now reported that  the release date have been pushed to NOVEMBER 7th instead, and will not be OCT 31st as was promised when preordered.

However CoD: Ghost releases on NOV 5th in Japan, the same as in the rest of the world.

The funny thing about this is that at Yodabashi Camera which is the largest electronics shop in Tokyo (home of 30 million people) the store is so big it could very well be largest store in the world. The video set up running the trailer for BF4 was very clear saying the game was coming out October 30th.

This was only weeks ago. Now we find out that the BF4 release date have been moved to November 7th.

They don't seem to say why they are doing this or the reason behind the delay of the release date by a week for a specific region?

I know many are very upset about this, because if you had preordered a hard copy from an online store you would have still gotten the game a few days earlier than the digital copy from Origin. Now it turns out that the digital download will be later than if  you just purchased BF4 elsewhere.

Battlefield 4 Premium Expansion Pack
Battlefield 4 Premium Expansion Pack

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