Monday, June 26, 2017

✪ I Stopped BF1 Impossible to Play Without Seeing a Cheat ✪

That's the topic of the most read BF1 post on the Battlefield 1 Forum for PC..

Currently there's (26.9K Views) and (1.3K Replies) and it's going on almost 70 pages long..

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of Topics about High CPU usage.. LAG.. STUTTERING.. FREEZING.. FRAME DROPS. Not to mention all the other annoying issues with the Battlefield 1 game etc..

But what is still the most hot topic is the cheating situation and EA not doing anything about it. Fairfight is for the most part useless and DICE and EA know it. Everyone know.. Infinity Ward know it as well and I think COD is going to get a second chance with their new WW2 game coming out this fall. EA are about to loose so many costumers to Infinity Ward it's going to be spectacular.

Battlefield 1 Full of Cheaters
Battlefield 1 Full of Cheaters
Link to the forum post:  
Warning! Talking to much about cheaters on Battlefield forums will get YOU Banned by the moderators. Be Careful and think before you write!

A much safer alternative however is to talk about the EA BF1 cheating problem on here instead. Please feel free to comment and speak your mind! You will not be moderated or banned on Battlefield 247.

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