Friday, November 11, 2016

✪ Battlefield 1 = Cheatfield 1 ✪

Did you ever wonder why you hardly ever read about the real cheating problem going on in the Dice / EA forums? Well it is simple, players are not allowed to talk about it on the forums if evidence or names of cheating players are made public.

Dice continues to fail
Dice continues to fail
If you ever decide to name a "hack" then moderators are quick to slap a "* Removed due to violation of forum rules and guidelines - ST75 *" on your a**.

So the charade continues.. And it's been like this forever. Battlefield 1 and the recent BF4 are no exceptions. Battlefront same thing, plenty of cheats. Fairfight might eventually get a few but the "smart" ones manage to slip past and maybe get caught in the end.

Here's a video that was quickly locked down by Dice forum Moderators

Pls ban Grim_Reaper_x64 video included i have others as well if needed

edited 9:40PM

Please ban this guy Grim_Reaper_x64 going invisible fast switching classes as from video all you see his is gun

These threads get locked. FairFight remains to fail and we still don't have private servers or admin capabilities to kick cheaters. So this person remains playing with no repercussions.

Worldwide rank:
8th in the world: Kill streaks : 153
40th in the world Headshots: 3,026

What makes the whole situation even worse for the new Battlefield 1 game is that Dice have not developed any Admin tools for the game as of yet. It's been almost a month after the release of the game! So even when you rent servers to play on with your hard earned money you have absolutely no control over the situation. No tools like third party RCON or anything that gives the owner any control or ability to kick players as of this date..

What differs Dice and EA Games from the rest of the gaming world is they don't accept name and shame while almost all others do. And this practise have had great results in games like Overwatch where cheaters are made known and banned.

Many new game platforms make it so the hacks don't just get their account banned but also lose all other games attached to said account making hacking a very expensive practise if caught. But not so for Battlefield..

In the mean time however there are plenty of other ways to go about informing the public about the ongoing hack situation in the Battlefield community by simply going behind the backs of Dice and EA Games and talking about it elsewhere.

But I would not drop any money on Battlefield 1. It's not worth it.

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