Wednesday, September 21, 2016

✪ BF1 Dedicated Servers For PC ✪

So what everyone is asking and have been asking for the past month now "Are BF1 going to have dedicated servers for PC".

Do you remember that game "No Man's Lie", and that guy that went on talk shows and did all that PR for the game with promises of all these great features and multiplayer... But when the game finally released and people saw all the missing features and no other players around they got upset and started cancelling the orders and then also Sony started getting into trouble..

Battlefield 1 Dedicated Servers For BF1 PC
Battlefield 1 Dedicated Servers For BF1 PC

But do you know what they did.. Nothing, Sony blamed that "indi game developer" and everyone else having connections to the game got really silent. It was a grab the loot and run type of deal. (And no SONY didn't make things right and refund the money either.. Go figure!)

So why bring all this to attention? Well it's not like Dice and EA are doing the exact same type of grab the loot and run type of thing with their new Battlefield 1 game, however the silence is almost the same.

Having dedicated servers for admins is key in keeping the peace. And not having dedicated servers means no more control over the players on a server. It is a must for a multiplayer game, and much more so for the PC Community. If Admins can't kick people that are misbehaving or cheating then what's the point.

Both DICE and EA Games have said nothing about this and if it's true that there won't be dedicated servers then I'm afraid BF1 for PC will fail. Right now it looks as if they are keeping their mouth shut so they won't have to do millions of refunds for PC pre-orders.

I could be wrong but considering how big business do things it's not looking good.

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