Sunday, June 12, 2016

✪ New Battlefield 1 Gameplay ✪

Hi folks,

I guess you all did see the footage shown from the EA event this evening and you got to see the new bf1 trailer as well as the 64 person multiplayer gameplay they hosted with all the celebrities and famous youtubers. I went ahead and made a few new HD BF1 backgrounds, they have been taken from the new in game footage shown.

Battlefield 1 In Game Tank Footage
HD Wallpaper Background - Battlefield 1 In Game Tank Footage
I got to say first impressions are pretty good, even though they bring over a lot from Battlefield 4, it still feels like bf4 but it's different. It however does not really have a ww1 feel to it. Most people on the 64 player event were running around with SMG's and snipers using optics.

I could not tell the zoom but I would guess around 3-4x zoom for the rifles. SMG's and other weapons seen in the game seem to have iron sights that are more in style with the ww1 era.

Yes yes, I know there were all kinds of weapons available back then, but to me the whole combat situation displayed would be much closer to ww2 instead of actual ww1 style combat. FYI if a biplane flies into a tree it will slow down just like in BF4.

Battlefield 1 - Biplane Game Footage
HD Wallpaper Background - Battlefield 1 - Biplane Game Footage

They did a good job with the trailer shown, it was well received by most people

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