Monday, June 13, 2016

✪ Battlefield 1 Sniper Gameplay ✪

So it's the next day after the EA event, and many of the known youtubers have started to upload some of the multiplayer footage of the BF1 beta.

I think there are some mixed thoughts about the new Battlefield 1, and I can understand some of the opinions that have been raised these past days about the gamplay.

Battlefield 1 - Game Bayonet Footage HD Background Wallpaper
HD Background Wallpaper - Battlefield 1 - Game Bayonet Footage
Personally I like the change Dice have done and I really hope the smooth gameplay that Titanfall and other fps games deliver would be carried over to Battlefield. Even though Titanfall as a game wasn't really a big hit there are many things that Battlefield could improve on with the overall gameplay.

Like take Sige of Shanghai  in Battlefield 4, the escalator at the D Flag. When you are downstairs you can actually go around the escelator to get underneth the stairs on both sides. Yeah so what? Yes but you can't go back the same way around the escelator! Somehow there's a little Gandalf that magically appear and say "You shall not PASS" go the other way around!!

To me it's all the little annoying things that are riddled all over the BF4 maps, like bulletproof cardbord boxes and umbrellas. Stairs that on some maps are bulletproof but on other maps the stairs are not etc.. Soldiers that can jump over obstacles like a soldier should be able to do. Yet somehow then manages to get stuck and unnable to jump over the smallest object in certain areas..

It's all the small annoying things that make one hate BF4 and what Dice does. And if they carry over all these things to the new game I'm sure people will get to hate Battlefield 1 also.

HD Background Wallpaper - Battlefield 1 - Tank Game Rifle Footage
HD Background Wallpaper - Battlefield 1 - Tank Game Rifle Footage

Most of the footage shown from the EA Beta event takes place in open areas without many houses and obstacles so it's hard to say how the gameplay will be once it's done. But so far I really like what they have done with the meele weapons and attack with bayonet. It looks like the fail called "counter knife" have been done away with.


jackfragsMake sure to check out more gameplay from jackfrags on youtube and the other players that did the EA event.

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