Sunday, May 1, 2016

✪ Sneak Peak Of The New Battlefield 1944 Game ✪

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Well there's a picture floating around the interwebs that might show a bit of what's expected of the new Battlefield game that's coming soon. There is still a few days left before the official announcement that's going to be happening 5 days from now. But like I said, there are rumors and now we have a picture that might give us a bit more information.

The few things to me that tell me that this might not be a fake is the mention of the "Nostalgia Map" Back To El Almein and more importantly the M1 rifle in the small text in this picture. As you know the M1 rifle was a very popular rifle during WW2 and we have seen this in many other WW2 games over the years. But it's really hard to tell if this is the real BF5 or not.

Battlefield 1944 World Premiere
Sneak peak Battlefield 1944
So if this picture is not a fake, like some people believe it very well could be a fake then the next Battlefield games is probably going to take place during the last years of WW2. And we get to see some next level WW2 action between the Allies and Axis.

Personally I like this era of games that play out during real historical events. Because it lets the player experience, if only a little bit how it was like back in the day.

An old game that really did this well more than 10 years ago was the Medal of Honor series starting with Allied Assault and Spearhead games. Those games were and I would argue still some of the better shooters that people play. Sure the graphics are not the best in to days standard, but the gameplay and the mechanics of the games are some of the best. Not to mention the total lack of bugs and glitches, getting killed behind cover etc. Oh and aggravation that everyone have come so familiar with from the last two Battlefield games

Lets hope it does not take another two or three years with countless patches that fix one thing but brakes something else until this new Battlefield game becomes playable. DICE I'm talking to you! Don't mess this up again and again!

I guess we still have to wait a few days before we can be sure what to expect!

One thing however we do know for sure is that whoever pre-orders this new BF5 game is most likely going to get a broken game.. LOL that's what we know for sure, I'm serious. LOL it's probably the only thing that we can be sure of when we are talking about EA and Dice and it's funny.

Because we are dealing with "professionals" here, don't forget that these people have the resources and discipline to keep stuff from leaking out to the public.. But not to actually make a working game LOL.

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