Tuesday, January 27, 2015

✪ BF4 Hackers [PLA]CN-K0 and [ABOT]JohnnyTsunami777 Caught Cheating ✪

Hi everyone!

This is a pretty interesting video for you to watch where there is a hacker vs hacker battle going on.


Booster Buster on youtube happened to catch these two cheaters going at it and he caught them both in spectator mode doing some crazy stuff. You can visit his channel above he have some good videos too.

[PLA]CN-K0 and [ABOT]JohnnyTsunami777 BF4 Aimbot Cheaters Caught in Spectator Mode
[PLA]CN-K0 and [ABOT]JohnnyTsunami777 BF4 Aimbot Cheaters Caught in Spectator Mode
Anyhow you know that when some players randomly starts to shoot at walls for no apparent reason there is something fishy going on..

Well the video pretty much sums it up. The scores that these two got in the end is pretty high.. The cheaters in question [PLA]CN-K0 got 54 Kills and 18 Deaths while [ABOT]JohnnyTsunami777 got 96 Kills and  22 Deaths. One thing I noticed also was that spot cheat that somewho lets the player get spot bonuses pretty much every time there is a kill.

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