Wednesday, September 24, 2014

✪ BF4 2.0 Patch TV Missile Fails ✪

Well it looks like that new BF4 2.0 Patch that everyone was hoping for to give big improvements to the gameplay is a bit of a fail for Dice..

TV Missiles now with 100% Self Detonation
BF4 2.0 Patch Updates Fails TV Missile Self Detonation Dice
It seems like now we even get TV Missiles that have 100% Self Detonation.. Really DICE, REALLY!! Come ON! Seriously, a lot of people have been expecting you to step up and fix this game from the very beginning. And some things have improved, sure.

Yet it seems like the every time you try and do something to help us all out, you go and mess things up even more in the process!

I mean what's wrong with the TV Missiles! How on earth Dice did you even manage to mess that up. It looks like the TV missiles only explode your chopper while it's descending. So this means the the helicopter actually is dropping on the TV Missile so it explodes! How insane is that, Battlefield 3 never did that and in real life there would not be time for this to happen because the speed of the Missile during launch would never be that slow.

I guess the only "fix" for this bug, glitch, netcode or whatever you want to call is to make sure that you are not decending when you fire the TV Missile. Because if you are, then it's 100% KIA!

XfactorGamingBe sure to check out XfactorGaming on Youtube where he gives us an example of this or

Altai range is a nightmare for the attack chopper and jets due to the map having 5 AA vehicles. 
It is a flying coffin of death and you are always getting shot at and locked on from multiple angles. 
This has me dealing with an AA in an unsual way and then of course solo TV'ing because no one wants to gun on this map, ever.

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