Wednesday, September 10, 2014

✪ BF4 2.0 Patch Changes Everything ✪

The new patch for Battlefield 4 named BF4 2.0 is changing everything about the gameplay. Some say that BF4 after the 2.0 patch is more and more becoming like CoD! However some say that BF4 have now become BF3!

Battlefield 4 2.0 Changes BF3 Patch Update Wallpaper
BF4 2.0 patch is more like BF3 Wallpaper
Well there have been many changes to the game, weapons, recoil, sprint to name a few is just the tip of the iceberg of "fixes" the BF4 team have been playing with for this fall.

I think this Gangnam Style.. Style BF4 wallpaper just about sums it all up.
Or maybe not, time will tell.

BF4 2.0 is coming - What to expect.
Everything you know about Battlefield is about to change with the upcoming fall patch. Are you prepared?

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