Friday, May 9, 2014

✪ [VIDEO] BF4 Netcode Bug Problem ✪

There have been a word thrown around in the Battlefield 4 community for a while about a very annoying and frustrating bug termed “netcode”. It describe what’s going on behind the scenes in a multiplayer game.

Battlefield 4 netode bug
Battlefield 4 netcode bug
The Battlefield 4 netcode bug has been criticized ever since the game was released. Videos show how incredibly frustrating it is to play Battlefield 4.

DICE recently upgraded their server hardware and released another BF4 patch and server patch, but that hasn’t done much of anything to improve the stability or netcode bug in the game.

Seen in this video show that the problems with Battlefield 4 netcode and the lag are still there. The video here shows what happens on a fairly regular basis now in Battlefield 4 multiplayer.

With 6 months since the Battlefield 4 release, with all the patches and complaining by fans and supporters to fix all the issues not much have been done by Dice to correct the frustrating bugs.
And this without mentioning all the cheaters running wild on the servers..

Battlefield 4 - Netcode at it again

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