Friday, November 15, 2013

✪ [VIDEO] Busted - BF4 Aimbot Cheater - DireRaptor22 ✪

This is another low for Dice and Battlefield 4, the cheats are running wild and PunkBuster is not doing it's job at all.

Busted - BF4 Aimbot Cheater - DireRaptor22 - Dice Punkbuster
Busted - BF4 Aimbot Cheater - DireRaptor22
With this particular cheater I must say, this hack have one of the highest K/D ratios on a round I have seen to date. 163 to 3 was his score at the end of the round,  yes you read correctly.

163 with only 3 deaths! Look at the screenshot! And all this was done with an iron sight! Yeah right, Aimbot no questions.

But lucky for us this guy DireRaptor22 did not only get busted (like there was any doubt) but the cheater is now also on video for all to see.

Banned Battlelog DireRaptor22 BF4 Aimbot Cheater 163 to 3 KD Ratio Report BF4
Banned DireRaptor22 BF4 Aimbot Cheater Battlelog Status
UPDATE: DireRaptor22 is now banned on battlelog. 

His status is currently BANNED for BF4 PC.
✪ [Banned] DireRaptor22 - BF4 Aimbot Cheater ✪

Player: DireRaptor22

Platform: PC

Server: I Chicago I VoteMap I High-CPU I

Offense: Cheating/Hacking using an Aimbot.

Be sure to report cheaters on the page if you got any

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