Friday, November 29, 2013

✪ [IMAGE] BF4 Artificialaming UberDamage Cheater - IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning ✪

This is another hacker going by the name BlauManIsOwning in Battlefield 4 also known as Icefrog. The score here is plain outrageous with 192 kills to 2 deaths! The BF4 hacking used was the common UberDamage by Artificialaming or AA for short.

IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning artificialaming AA Hacker 192 to 2 KD Ratio UberDamage
IceFrog aka BlauManIsOwning artificialaming AA Hacker 192 to 2 KD Ratio UberDamage

Basically what Uberdamage means is that any damage you do to your enemy, even a single scratch to a tank will instantly destroy it in it's tracks. The result of this AA hacker is completely owning the game. This is by far the highest score I have seen to this date, the cheater almost broke 200 kills in a single round! 

It kinda puts DireRaptor22 BF4 Aimbot Cheater 163 to 3 KD Ratio to shame caught earlier.

Also iiBot_AA Aimbot hacker with his 50 to zero KD Ratio is far off.

If you like to know what tools the cheaters use check out the earlier post that explains with images and goes into detail about the different tricks they are using to own BF4 and how Dice and EA is letting this go by unattended.

✪ BF4 Open Beta AA Hackers ✪


It's really sad to see people having to pay $100 for the game BF4 that at the moment is plagued with server crashes and riddled with hackers. And what is Dice and EA doing about it.. Nothing at all. The only thing I have seen so far is a patch released that did nothing to fix the crash problem. And a battlelog forum that have a policy hindering anyone from talking public about the hacking taking place. Any forum post or thread that brake this policy gets locked and you get a ban on the account. Good job Dice!

You would think that you can report hackers on battlelog forum and alert other players on there about the situation but their forum policy is not to do so. If you do talk about a cheater it's a "Thread closed, text removed. " that is waiting to happen.

Naming and Shaming
Naming and shaming those who you believe to be cheating is not permitted on the forum or Battlelog posts. It is not productive and does not expedite action taken against these players. Any references of this type will be removed. Instead, Report players directly for investigation.

Reporting potential cheaters
If you want to report a potential cheater, visit the user’s Battlelog profile, click the report "exclamation mark” symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill in the reason for reporting them. You can submit links to videos or Battle Reports with evidence supporting your suspicions of cheating. We investigate all reports and will take action if a player is found to be cheating. For more information on how we work to suppress cheating in Battlefield, head to this Battlelog News post: []

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