Monday, October 28, 2013

✪ [BF4 Wallpaper] It is Glorious Mind Blowing Freedom of All Out War ✪

Another Battlefield 4 wallpaper with some added tension. So until BF4 is released enjoy.

Building collapse BF4 Wallpapers
Soldiers jumping to safety Wallpaper
This is the Building Collapse Explosion Background Wallpaper for BF4 showing two soldiers jumping over a falling walkway. A nice background to have that is not too bright, mostly dark colors in this one.

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(Had some problems with this post, was forced to remove and repost under another name.)
✪ [BF4 Wallpaper] The Glorious Mind Blowing Freedom of All Out War ✪

(Two Soldiers Helicopter Crash wallpaper)
✪ [BF4 Wallpaper] The Crash - HD Background ✪

(The attack helicopter heading out)
✪ [BF4 Wallpaper] MI-28 Havoc Attack Helicopter Tips and Unlocks ✪

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