Thursday, June 16, 2016

✪ Will You Go Insane From Battlefield 1 ✪

Hi everybody,

There's been a few days now since we got to watch gameplay from the new Battlefield 1 and all the youtubers have now had time to show some of their footage and share their opinions playing the Pre-Alpha of the new Battlefield 1 game.

Stewie Mental New Official Battlefield 1 HD Wallpaper Background
Stewie Mental New Official Battlefield 1 HD Wallpaper Background
What's still on most peoples mind reflecting the last launch of Battlefield namely Battlefield 4 is how will the launch of the new Battlefield 1 go? Considering the launch of BF4 was nothing short of a disaster for Dice and EA. And EA and Dice took a long, long time to fix some of the most annoying bugs and netcode.

What's even more frustrating is the fact that they seemed to spend more time "patching" and tweaking the game with numerous nerfs and buffs while totally neglecting the netcode and bugs.

It makes one wonder if the Frostbite 3 game engine was so flawed to begin with that fixing any bugs in the game were totally out of the hands of EA and Dice developers.

What makes matters even worse is the fact that Youtuber Martimi0 got hit with the Reload Bug during the EA Play multiplayer event playing Battlefield 1.. Hang on? Didn't they fix the Reload Bug over a year ago in BF4?

Martimi0 EA Play Battlefield 1 Reload Bug
Martimi0 EA Play Battlefield 1 Reload Bug
Korpus DraigeI came across this funny video by Korpus Draige on youtube, check out more on his channel
Korpus Draige

Battlefield 4- My Experience Now/Things I've Learned...

Lets just hope that Battlefield 1 does not turn out like BF4!


nice mate, enjoyed it :)
Nether Drizzy
ahahahahah amazing video korpus
Korpus Draige
Thank you :D.
Ben8 D8over
HAHAHAHA, very nice, loved the loosers TBag at 1:40 What a looser. I got a 8-2 TBag myself the other day, felt sorry for the guy :D
David Peters
awesome clips just goes to show that when Alan tells us this game is flawless its only flawless in his eyes
BC Mercrow
Hahahahaha I love it. Great song choice too.
Korpus Draige
Thanks haha. First time I was ever annoyed while editing a video... brought back flashbacks. o_0
TryHaaaRd_DemoN xD
Hahaha good clips Korpus 😂 i like when the jet flys into the ground it happened for me many times
Korpus Draige
Yeah, it loves to do it when you're on a good streak lol.
Shinobi Nunjitsu
Lol good classic song xD
Korpus Draige
Haha, I couldn't figure out what song I wanted when I planned on making this video. Glad it worked with it though.
Myname is xxxgz
Ahahahahahaha I love it too. Best game ever ;DDD
Korpus Draige
Haha. Glad you loved it :)
Lol I've seen most of these because your clips are great to watch. Great vid keep it up! :D
Korpus Draige
Yup, for sure "Xbox Record That" moments. ;)
hahahahaha Like ;)
Korpus Draige
Thank you :D
Apex Crocodile04
Sums up BF4 lol
Korpus Draige
Pretty much :p
Ace Eyed Ace
Brilliant :D sums up bf4 to a tea...
Korpus Draige
Thanks man haha. To be honest, it didn't take too long to get these clips for this video. Maybe a couple in this whole video is a month+ old.
I 100% agree. I remember the Beta working nearly flawlessly, and the release being an absolute mad house. I've played since D1, and the game has gotten much better, but there will always be that stigma in the back of my mind about the state of the game from launch to about a year in.
Korpus Draige
Some of these problems have been in the game since launch or in the early state of the game. They done all these nerfs and buffs but never fixed some of these haha. It is what it is though, I've spent more than enough time on this game to warrant my money spent on it. I've had an awesome time on this game, despite the hair pulling problems that arise while doing so.
Korpus Draige
I'm sure your favorite part by far, was the silent lock :p
+Korpus Draige Are you hyped for bf1? What do you think about the fact that the French and the Russians will be dlc?
eL QUeeNz
the beggining XD... air is OP
Korpus Draige
OP or BS? ;)
TnAx1993 ابوحنش‎
Hahaha funny specially "ppl hung themselves" LOL
Korpus Draige
I can picture the times you kill people, they're saying the same thing we all do, "whaaaat?" haha

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