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✪ Battlefield 1 - The RELOAD BUG Is BACK ✪

Hi folks,

Did you miss the reload bug? Like ever since it was fixed about a year ago in BF4 I would guess most people just forgot about it and moved on and probably deep down missed that little bug.

Now then, do I have some good news to you everybody!

Battlefield 1 - RELOAD BUG Is BACK
Battlefield 1 - RELOAD BUG Is BACK

YES it's true, everyone that have missed that little reload bug can now continue to enjoy it in the all new and improved Battlefield 1

Isn't that great, it's like Dice and EA all sat down and discussed how they could improve the gameplay even more to satisfy all the fans and they made the decision to bring back the reload bug because that's what everyone really ever wanted.

Why pay some $100 for a new game that would not contain all the little goodies from the old Battlefield games!

The footage comes from Martimi0 when he was playing at the PRE-ALPHA BF1 at the EA Play event.

Matimi0Check out more videos of Matimi0
Battlefield 1 Assault Gameplay - Multiplayer

If you wait until 6 minutes in the video, we can clearly see him trying to do some long distant shooting with the MP18 SMG to be left with 10 bullets. When he then reloads he gets the reload bug and you can still see 10 bullets displayed. And of course he runs out of ammo and needs to switch to the pistol to finish the job in the end.

To get back to BF4 the only reason this bug was fixed in the first place was because a developer took the time out of his own free time to fix it. It was not EA or Dice intention ever to fix this reload bug in BF3, BF4 or BFH. And now it seems like we get to enjoy the reload bug yet again in Battlefield 1!


John Smith
John Smith
(Sorry for caps but this desperately needs attention)
but the game isn't even out yet chill
John Smith
+Dankster I am legitimately scared that they won't fix it. It DID take Dice half a decade to sort it out previously...
hehe it is pre-Alpha
what??? there is no bug? I dont see anything
+Kristofer Rodrigues STOP
paolo geymet
6:13 look attentively the rounds number.
It was on the live stream that it was.
paolo geymet
+John Smith Brace yourselves, a lot of complain is coming.
Tamir Paradox
bruh... pre-alpha stuff calm your tits
eee eee
What's the reload bug?
eee eee
+eee eee never mind I see it... Crap
man is the pre-alpha
Ortu Ignis
upper right hand corner, m8
Rdawg gaming
I dnt see it bud
Chris Escalera
+Rdawg gaming, He does the full animation of reloading but the clip is still 10/30
Poet The Gamer
I didnt see it, what do you mean?
Rodrigo Mancilla
+Poet The Gamer He had 10 rounds left in his magazine, he reloaded and didn't receive a full magazine.
+Rodrigo Mancilla ahhh i see it now
Rdawg gaming
+Chris Escalera oh thanks for letting me know oops
Bo Huggabee
anyone else see no leads in any of his kills, he can just hit targets like call of duty>.>
Bo Huggabee
+TH3R34P3R0FD34TH nah bf4, my weapons change every day. when i get out of helicopts i get out the opposite side, and my weapon always spawns twice now. unless scoping to a normal zoom is part of the game too
pre alpha tho
Bo Huggabee
what about the guys that can stick their head just barely over cover, like a micron, and still hit people? anyone have an explanation for that?
Bullet velocity is higher in this game compared to BF4
dlroW reverse
Holy shit how can you whine so much already! please! Wait until the beta at least ffs
sofia bilson
Holy Beauitful
Marksman 5147
+Bo Huggabee head glitching. Because DICE is lazy and bullets come out of the head rather than the gun. Only way to fully fix this is to make physical gun models, which DICE will never do.
Marksman 5147
+dlroW reverse Let's see, BF4 is still broken and filled with issues I'm sure. As of 2 years after BF4's release the game was still laggy & buggy. Having played nearly 1600 hours + I don't even know how many hours of competitive, you're an idiot if you think it's a good working game. Pre-alpha, WITH THE SAME FUCKING ISSUES FROM A BROKEN ENGINE, Frostbite 3 is fucked and every game using F3 has had the same issues. The engine itself needs to go first.
Marksman 5147
+dlroW reverse Reload got fixed over 2 years after release... that's pathetic. Head glitching still hasn't been fixed, you mean the broken bullet system? The only way to fix head glitching is physical gun models which is too much work for DICE and will never happen

Jake H
6:13 how did the reload bug make it into this game
The game was in dev before DICE patched it within Frostbite 3. Just my two sense tho
The bug has been in BF3, BF4 and in Hardline, there's literally no excuse that it is still present in BF1
David Nottle (Satay Noodle)
and it was actually fixed in BF4......................
Same engine... same problems...? Maybe? :D
A sign that the game has been rushed
What's the reload bug, I'm seriously asking
he had still 10 bullets instead of a full magazine
+Pascal Trausch oh yea I hate that lol. Thanks for everyone who clarified that and weren't assholes about it
+Courtney Lunsford is it hard to fix it I remember making a small shooter game in Java programming and I had this problem my teacher help me out with it it was just a little mistake
Courtney Lunsford
+Ubaldie Oh yea. I've always wanted to learn to start programming.
+Courtney Lunsford it was pretty fun wish I would have learned more and kept on doing it
Johan Tjernberg
the question is if he killed the real wiz...
NiveA 807
Ikr... The reload but returns !!
Niels Fitton
infinity warfare was jealous
He did. Celebrities were playing: Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, etc.

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