Sunday, November 10, 2013

✪ Call of Duty Ghosts - Is Plain Horrible ✪

I know some of us that have had problems with BF4, with the server crashes and all the cheaters ruining the game, and have been looking forward to the release of Call of Duty Ghosts. Even before the Ghosts was released you got that feeling, just like with Battlefield 4, that this game is going to be great. And you know I really thought that these two games, COD vs BF4 where going to be THE GAMES to have, and they both where going to outperform each other in their certain areas but sadly like many of you I was greatly disappointed of what I encountered.

I really, really had huge expectations for Ghosts, and watching all the trailers on the web and on the TV of the stunning graphics displayed, that only got me more exited of what was in store. The next gen console stuff looked great. The graphics were simply stunning, and the gameplay seemed to be awesome. The maps shown from the footage on the trailers really seemed pretty decent.

But what happened with the release of the PC version of Ghosts, looks more like you got a replica of the XBOX 360 or PS4 version of the game. So now you got ugly dated graphics with the same old sounds, and horrible textures in the game. It's really, really bad, I mean this is plain and simple horrible graphics.

It's like how they used to market games more than 10 years ago with computer generated "gameplay" that looked really great but when you actually bought the game and played it, it was nothing like what had been shown. This new release of Call of Duty is exactly like that! You would expect something like that 10 years ago but come on this is 2013! Battlefield habr been showing actual gameplay in their trailers and the graphics and gameplay looks exactly like that when you play. But for Ghosts this is the complete opposite for us PC gamers!

And you know this isn's the worst part! The worst part is that they actually removed critical functions and settings from the PC version of COD Ghosts that has existed in the last COD games like FOV adjustment and even triple monitor support.  There is no nVidia Surround or ATI Eyefinity now for us PC gamers!
Download the Call of Duty: Ghosts Haters Wallpaper - Terrible Reviewed Horrible Graphics
Call of Duty: Ghosts is a ported Xbox 360 game for the PC.

Even with the graphics turned way up to "High" Call of Duty Ghosts looks horrible, the lighting is horrible, the water is horrible. The parked cars on the maps looks plain horrible (mind you that your player can't hold his breath or see under water and will die after 2 seconds submerged in a puddle LOL).

You could expect that multiplayer would be a bit less glamorous because they would want the game to run smoother and leave all the nice things to campaign mode but NO! COD Ghosts Campaign mode looks just as terrible.

If we where to compare the difference in Infinity Wards COD and Electronic Arts BF4 right now on how much they are ahead of them in terms of graphics it would be 4-5 games ahead of them right now. That's how terrible Call of Duty Ghosts is right now, I tell you, it's like compering Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 4. They are worlds apart.

I cant believe that people payed $130 USD on the "Digitally Hardened Edition" on Steam. Ghosts is not worth that by a mile. It's terrible, plain terrible. I feel sorry for all of you that got tricked into buying this game. Have fun playing an PS3 / Xbox 360 game on your PC.

CoD players are finally seeing the light and they are now finding out that the large gaming company that they loved  just scammed them for 100$ for a brand new game. Sure there are people that like the new CoD, and they are entitled to their opinion. But this is not the masses opinion, and the masses opinion is usually the one people look at.

I embeded a video of this disaster from Barnacules, pretty much sums it up:

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